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Release, Relax, Re-align

About Bronwen

Hello and welcome to my website! I am Bronwen Cunningham, and I am so excited that you are looking into osteopathy!

I grew up on a cattle farm just outside of Sundre Alberta with my parents and three siblings. We were actively involved in the farming operation and 4-H. Later on we became more involved in the rodeo scene. I now live just down the road from my parents farm with my husband. We have a small cattle herd we are gradually building up, and horses we love to ride and work with! 
Growing up watching my family go through injuries and traveling into the cities to get the rehab they needed made me realize there's a hole for rehab and treatment in rural communities. This realization triggered my interest into professions related to the human body. 
After travelling and working for two years I decided to pursue my Kinesiology Diploma out of Red Deer College. I finished my Kinesiology Degree in Edmonton at the University of Alberta. During the last semester of my degree, I completed my practicum at Prairie Therapy in Calgary. While there, I was introduced to Osteopathy and my passion for this profession began. 
Being able to start my career helping people with whatever complaint they may have excites me (except the weather). I am passionate about providing my services in a small town, ensuring people don't have to drive to the city to receive treatment. 


Osteopathy is one of the few professions that looks at the body as a whole, treating all of the systems opposed to just the symptoms clients come in with. This is why I am so passionate and believe in the work I provide. 
If you have any other questions feel free to call or email me and I would love to chat with you!

*Please note Bronwen is a student of osteopathy and does not claim to be performing osteopathy. Treatments are founded in manual therapy with an osteopathic approach.*

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What Is Osteopathy?

Why Is Osteopathy Important?

What to Expect?

What is osteopathy


Osteopathic Manual Therapy (OMT) (also commonly known/referred to as Osteo, or Osteopathy) involves working with the body to promote health, healing, and well-being by re-establishing proper body functions that can be the causes of pain and dysfunction. Through joint and organ manipulation or gentle oscillations, OMTs correct biomechanical dysfunctions related to neuromuscular complaints.   


The objective of OMT is to encourage mobility and normal interrelationship of all body systems (such as musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological, cranial, and visceral) by ridding the body of dysfunctions. Through restoring proper mechanics to an area, fluids are able to flow normally and function improves. Ultimately this reduces pain and permits normal function.


OMT is a patient-centered approach to health, where skilled palpation of the osteopath and a detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics are all used to guide the osteopath to assess and restore balance within the patient's body. 

OMT is a holistic manual therapy that complements other therapeutic practices.

"If you understand the mechanism, the treatment is simple."

- W. G. Sutherland

Why osteopathy important


Osteopathic Manual Therapy (OMT) has the objective to promote health and overall mobility of the human body through joint and organ manipulations, or gentle mobilizations. OMT’s have the ability to correct biomechanical dysfunctions that can be related to neuromuscular or systemic complaints. 


OMT encourages the mobility and normal interrelationship of all body systems, from neuromuscular and cardiovascular, to endocrine and digestive. By restoring proper mechanics to an area, fluids are able to flow normally and function improves, ultimately reducing pain and permitting optimal function. 


OMT is an effective method of treating sports injuries, overuse injuries, back and neck pain, shoulder pain, knee and hip problems, heachaches and migraines, GI dysfunctions, foot and ankle pain, and more.

What to expect


Initial visit


In order to have effective and long lasting results, during your first visit we must evaluate the whole body. We will begin the visit by reviewing your past and present complaints, and then we'll continue on with a thorough evaluation of your current physical state. After gathering all the information needed, treatments can begin!


*please bring clothing that's easy for you to move in. A pair of cotton shorts and a loose shirt would be great.


Follow up visits 

During each of the following sessions, we'll begin with a quick review of any injuries or additional complaints that occurred since the last visit, and a quick evaluation of your current physical state. These treatments will focus on addressing your primary complaints through the normalization of the dysfunctions found within the body. 





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